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November 3, 2010

I love this school. Both my children attend and have attended Connally ISD since Pre-K! I am just sorry that we are moving to the Dallas area. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They are a very safe school. By the second day there the receptionist knew exactly who I was, but still needed to see my ID before I could pick up my kids. Mrs. Gaines in Pre-K is the BEST teacher EVER! I will miss everyone at this school!

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May 21, 2009

My daughter is in the second grade and started at Connally Primary in K. This is an excellent school. I think that my daughter has had a wonderful experience and awesome teachers. Connally Primary encourages parental involvement and the enviornment is very friendly and family oriented. Reading counts is a big program at CPS and kids are encouraged to read and believe that reading is fun! I have been pleased with the education my daughter has received while at this school. She comes home happy everyday and that is such a wonderful thing to come home to in the afternoon....a happy child. Thanks Connally Primary!

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August 24, 2006

This is mine and my daughter's first year in this school and city. So far every experience that I have had with Connally Primary has been frustrating. I have been to the office several times, and I feel rushed through like cattle. No one ever has time for me. No wonder there is not much parent involvement. We do not feel wanted. I am very involved in my child's education, and I am currently getting my teacher certification, so I do have some knowledge and experience in this profession. If it does not improve, we will not be back.

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January 25, 2006

The academic programs at connally primary school are wonderful. The teachers work well the children. They always have something fun to do like art, music, p.e. The children are rewarded for staying on green (which means excellent behavior)They receive an extra recess. They also take field trips periodically. The school is always asking for parent volunteers but for some reason the parents just don't want to get involved. Only a select few volunteer. Overall connally primary is a very good school,It's very effceint and well organized. I'm proud to have my child attend this school.

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August 22, 2005

My son has just recently finished school at Connally Primary and is now attending Connally Elementary. It has been a great educational experience for him attending CISD. The class rooms or not to small and not to large so the teachers can focus on helping the students more on a individual basis. Connally has a structured environment to keep kids focused on education and learning. The teachers work toward the goals that are set in the school year to keep your child advancing in math, reading, writing, science, etc. They do this to get the children better prepared for the next grade level. The Teachers, Principal and Staff are all great and look to do what is best for the children and they work well with parents that want to be involved with the school and their children and that is our experience with Connally ISD. It's Great!

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April 27, 2005

I have found this school to have no time for a gifted student. I am currently in the process of removing my daughter from this school. She has been reared to express herself and to be a free thinker. This sort of child is not welcomed at Connally Primary School. We have already had her changed from one class-room to another this year, but it hasn't improved much. This school turns out robots, not free thinking.

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